Rumor has it that honors freshmen will be housed in East Village in Fall 2017. This site has not been otherwise updated to reflect that change.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been accepted into the Honors program at Northeastern University. It’s also possible that you’ve heard of International Village, the dorm building that houses first year Honors students.

International Village, or IV (or INV) for short, is currently Northeastern’s second-newest residence hall, constructed in 2009. It is unlike any other freshman dorm I’ve ever seen, featuring its own dining hall, workout area, classrooms, semi-private double and single rooms, and stunning views of the city.

It’s astounding to me how little information the University provides on a building that probably exists to boost Honors program enrollement. I am currently an upperclassman Northeastern student, and I lived in IV as a freshman a few years ago. Way back when I was accepted, I kept hearing about IV and how great it was, but almost no information was out there. I had no idea what the rooms looked like or what to expect.

My goal here is to provide the information I wish I had. I haven’t updated the site much since creating it during my first winter break, but leave a comment somewhere to ask a question and I’ll do my best to answer. Maybe I’ll even get around to adding some more photos and information eventually.


15 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Do the windows open? I’m on the 18th floor east side in a corner room with a small window next year, just trying to figure out if it will open. Room 1876


    1. In the photo of the room (Dorm Room page) the metal frame to the left of the window hinges out from the top. At the bottom you might be able to push it out about four inches.


    1. How do you know East and West are where the honors program are? Typically those students have been on floors 2-9, although they may have changed that more recently.

      As for singles, take a look at the floor plans to get a good idea of the distribution. I know my year some students who did not request the single option got placed in one anyway, suggesting that they were not in super high demand.


  2. Hi I was wondering if only Honors students lived here because I wanted to apply for a suite here with a friend, but we are not in the Honors program. Is that possible? Thanks!!


    1. IV is home to the first-year honors students. Non-honors first-year students will be assigned to live elsewhere.

      IV is also home to general upperclassman housing. That housing is not exclusive to honors and is assigned through the normal housing selection process, which has already passed for Fall 2016, although you could still apply for a room change.


  3. It seems that the housing move in dates are aug 31 2016 – sept 4 but i was curious if it might be earlier for the first year IV honor students. I am trying to make plans for early sept and we are hoping I could move in closer to the Aug 31 date than the sept 4 date. thanks


    1. First year honors students are generally among the first to arrive on campus. Classes start on Wednesday, and I moved in one week prior my year, which was August 27. I think last year was about the same, but I am not certain.

      This year, classes start on September 7, so one week prior would be August 31. It almost certainly won’t be earlier than that.


    1. Nope. There’s a single bathroom on the second floor near the workout area, and there’s a full set in the basement by the classrooms. Nothing on the normal floors besides the ones in the rooms.


    1. This is all speculation:

      – variety of dining hall food
      – multicultural artwork featured throughout the building
      – Northeastern’s goal of being recognized as a globally-oriented university

      Most likely the third one fed the naming, and the first two are results.


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